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We take care of your Home like it was Our Home.

My name is Christi Pickard. I operate and manage JP Home Service. Being a Wife and mom of 4, having a Fur Baby (her name is Mya), and watching my 2 grand pups, I know the stress that comes with having a house and trying to get even the simplest tasks completed... Forget trying to get ready for a trip! With that knowledge, my husband Jeff & I created what we think is a unique business model for when it comes to Homewatch. We offer the standard practices that all Homewatch companies provide with a few pluses they Do Not! Why just pick what is on the Pricing Sheet? We offer customizable packages for your winter home or your forever home that needs to be watched while you are away. Check out some of the unique services below or feel free to contact me and let me know how I can help relieve the worry of being away.



 Don't pay 10 -15% of your rental for someone to hand off a key to your renters and you still have to personally address your renter's issues. We will charge one fee to meet your renters and walk them through the unit and make sure everything is to their liking. We can be the contact for any issues while the renters are there. Address the concerns with minimal stress to the owner. We have in-house 24/7 Maintenance available to our clients provided by JP Handy LLC. We will also complete a Check-Out for your renters. Walkthrough and report any damages and have them addressed by our in-house Maintenance that is available to our clients along with our vetted Network of Family-Owned Service Providers. We can even line up the Cleaners for the turnover for the next renters.          

                              Starting at $40 a visit.


We also strive to make our clients' lives easier to maintain when it comes down to their homes or even their second homes. We offer Housesitting & Homewatch Packages that are affordable and completely customizable to your needs.       

                        Packages start at $20 a visit. 


It is hectic enough trying to get packed and get out the door to catch a plane or get on the road to head back to where home is, so why worry about getting your vacation home cleaned up and closed up? Let us take that off your plate by taking one of the close-up packages offered with your Homewatch Service. We will Clean out the Fridge, take the garbage out, and to the road on trash day. Our in-house maintenance, JP Handy LLC also can close up the house with Hurricane Shutters in prep for the Hurricane Season or before a storm strikes. Along with many more service options!        

                               Services start at $70


Not only will we help you live your best life but, we can help your pets live their best life while you are gone. We offer walking and feeding and sometimes just hanging with your pet for a little bit. Let them have some playtime while you are having your playtime. We can also offer transportation for your pet if they are going to have a "Spa Day" while you are gone.     

                            Services start at $20 a day

Want to create your own home watch package?

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